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The city of Dallas, Texas, in the American Toplands, overlooks prairies, rainforest, volcanic cinder cones and mesas. Life is as simple and as varied as it is in this part of the world. Countless festivals celebrate the abundant life that can be found here. In addition to festivals, the city also offers a variety of attractions for the Dallas/Fort Worth crowd such as the Emancipation Park, the Martins Family Ranch, and the Red Boots Golf Course. The racing area at the Cotton Bowl also brings national attention to the city, with events such as the 200 sprint putt.

Let’s face it, Dallas isn’t simply The Drive or The Town. There’s a whole bunch of attractions, restaurants and even nightlife to help you make your road trip a stay in Paradise. However, here are some of the best attractions in North Texas that will get you soaking up some sun, enjoying the quiet night, or even dancing the night away.

Eagles Flight Museum

Located just west of downtown, Eagles Flight Museum details the life of avian creatures, flight of the white-tailed eagle, tortoise shells, and Studded Mountain Rafting. incredibly, some 1,500 leftoverbones have been recovered from the park, allowing scientists to determine the size of the population and where they occur, both geographically and by route.

Flower top Fun Park

Located just north of the downtown area, Flower Top Fun Park offers 7 amusement games for the whole family including funnel dumps, ethnic games, train & axe throwing games, hot air balloon rides, wall slides, wet wall slides, sleeper rides, and cabanas. Various winter events including the Ice Fishing Festival and the Winter Fun Run also gracefully round up the seasons.

Grand Families’ Park

Grants the feeling of being a grandstand member at approximately 9000 acres of reserve grounds and grassy lawns surrounding the Mustell Wellness Center. During the summers, nearly 65 miles of fitness monkeys freak on up to the 509-acre park.

The monkeys come from Central and Southeast Asia and are studied by animal experts at Wright Penn Farm’s monkeys. The offspring are born in September and the young monkeys are weaned six to eight weeks later.

The preserve provides a great place to catch a glimpse of avid worms. You can ask your tour guide to take you to nearby Wylie Creek so you can sample the wild adult worms found on the creek bed.

The preserve hosts gateway livestock grazing, rice and vegetable fields, forest edges, and water courses. Visitors can see rice farms irrigated by contouring runs and see the effects on the land. There are also two botanical gardens, with mess hall, dining room, and one or more galleries worth looking into.

The Winnetou Nature Center

Located nine miles south of Sugar Hill on the east side of the park, this place is a great place to become acquainted with nature. The nature center has exhibits on native forests, wetlands, floodplains, and acacia and sassafras meadows. There are also planters houses, a visitor’s center and a store.

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The American people are an advanced species that wants to take advantage of the opportunities this world has to offer. Taking advantage of everything that life has to offer is truly the hallmark of secutive person. These people know that there is much more than busy work and money in the world.isure time is something completely different. It is time to relax and spend time with loved ones. There are a myriad of places all over the world that a person can go to enjoy the good and the bad as well as the both. It is up to us as individuals to decide which spots we want to visit. It is up to the family as a whole to decide which parks we want to visit and the budget we are going to put into it.

Tourist destinations are a varied bunch. Some like to visit tourist destinations as they can be a nice place to relax for the few days in the near future. Even if a person is not a huge fan of tourist destinations, there can be some that are still nice to visit. There are still parks out there that push the envelope of what is acceptable in a “must visit” list. It is up to us as individuals to decide what we as a family are willing to put up with.

No matter what a person’s choice is, a camping trip can still be a lot of fun. If a person only has a limited amount of time they have to spend with their family, a camping trip can still be a lot of fun.